2023 Bochum Regional Champion

Competitive Team - VGC - 2023 Bochum Regional Champion

You will be purchasing a Champion Team of 6 Pokemon 13Yoshi37's Bochum Regional Champion Team!Team information: https://pokepast.es/7e09e079c857fa54TEAM IS MEANT STRICTLY FOR COMPETITIVE BATTLING IN GAME(VGC). DISCLAIMER: VGC, is Ranked Pokemon, it is skill-based. You are facing real players, not computers. If you buy this team, it does not guarantee you MASTER RANK. To those that are new to VGC, and competitive pokemon, this team will be excellent in helping you learn and understand, and become a better Pokemon Trainer.
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Connect to Internet
Open the game menu by pressing X, then select ‘Poke Portal‘ on the right side menu and press the L button to connect to the internet.
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To begin chatting, click on the Chat Icon located in the bottom right corner of the page. Send your Order Number to the delivery staff. They will provide you with the Link Code within 10 minutes.
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Choose the Pokemon you do not want and confirm the trade.