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Animal Crossing Bells

by Nookmall Team 08 May 2023

Animal Crossing Bells

 are the primary currency used in the Animal Crossing series, with Nook Miles introduced as a secondary currency in New Horizons. There are many ways for players to acquire Bells; the player may sell items, do favors for or trade with villagers, or even find money from shaking trees, digging holes, or in balloon presents. Bells may be carried by the player in their wallet and also in a bag in their pocket. Bells can be saved to accrue interest and used to pay off the player's home loan. Players may spend Bells to purchase items from vendors like Nook's store, Crazy Redd's, Able Sisters, Brewster, or special characters like Saharah and Harriet. Players can plant Bells in the ground with a shovel to grow a money tree.

Obtaining Bells

Bells are most easily obtained by selling items to the store. Bells may also be received from villagers, struck from money rocks, dug up from shining spots (Switch, GCN and N64 versions of the game only), obtained through Bell Vouchers (which are sold to the store), and shaken from both regular and money trees.

During the summer, a popular strategy is to stock up on high-selling nocturnal beetles and fish. This tactic is available year-round in New Leaf, where players can visit Tortimer Island which features summer collectables at any time of the year. Another less profitable option confirmed for New Leaf is to save and exit the game, store all tools somewhere, collect all seashells and sell all the seashells, and repeat all of those steps again. This is possible because the seashells will be generated during the preparation of the town.

Specifically in New Horizons players create Tarantula and Scorpion on mystery tours through the Dodo Airlines in order to pay off their home loan. Money rock island is another way to earn Bells from each rock on that specific island.

The player can convert Pokis to Bells by using a ADB in the Happy Home Paradise.

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