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by Nookmall Team 10 Mar 2023

Scarlet and Violet also make a convenient change to Egg Moves, or moves that a Pokémon could previously only learn through breeding. Like breeding itself, it’s also tied to picnics, and you’ll need a brand-new item, the Mirror Herb, to make it work.

In your party, include a Pokémon that knows the desired Egg Move and the Pokémon you want to teach the Egg Move to. Make sure the Pokémon that wants to learn the Egg Move has an empty move slot — you can forget a move from the Pokémon’s summary screen at any time — and give that Pokémon a Mirror Herb to hold, then set up a picnic. The Pokémon holding Mirror Herb can learn any Egg Move its species is able to learn from any other Pokémon in your party, even if they’re the same gender, different species, or in different Egg Groups. This way, you don’t have to breed a brand-new Pokémon just for the Egg Move, and it should be instant, so you don’t have to wait around for anything to happen.

You can buy a Mirror Herb from the Delibird Presents store on the second level of Cascarrafa. They’re listed under “Battle items,” and each one costs 30,000. In battle, these are single-use items, so be sure to unequip it before battling so you don’t lose it!

An in-game Violet and Scarlet shop menu, noting where the Mirror Herb is, which is a green leaf

Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo via Polygon

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